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100 years of French and German beauty; K-beauty is now.

100 years of French and German beauty; K-beauty is now.

  • 22 Jan 2019

Gone are the days of alcohol toners and harsh cleansers that left your skin dry. Turn back the clock to the times of treating the skin with tenderness and care using only natural remedies except that you have beauty products containing superior ingredients combined using state-of-the-art technology doing the job.

Korean beauty rose in the day and age when the whole beauty industry was under the influence of the West not only because they were ahead in innovation than the rest but for the results that their formulations delivered.

When acknowledging the sensation that K-Beauty has become across the world we cannot help but attribute its success to the Korean consumers. Yes, the notoriously demanding, beauty-seasoned Korean women who don’t yield to substandard formulations. And then the brands that have managed to produce ingredient blends that are being considered as the gold standard in formulation has synergized this historical rise. They showcased the use of the ingredients like snail slime and phyto-powerful active components that no one had thought of. It has gone as far as that all the big beauty companies from the west have set up their R&D labs in South Korea.

To quote Delhi-based dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia, when asked the question: What is the guarantee that what works for Korean skin will work on ours? said in an article published in The Telegraph

“Good skincare has nothing to do with genetics. We all need to be taking care of our skin, regardless of skin type and genes. The harsh environment and record-breaking pollution levels in India are all the more reason to take note of the Korean way and care for your skin the way it should be cared for."

The concept of K-beauty lies in cleaning the skin down to the pores and extensively hydrating it. They believe that no amount of hydration given to the skin can ever be enough (No wonder, even flight attendants in Korean airlines glow like a diamond!) It is not necessarily the multi-step process it is celebrated as. A Korean skincare routine can have steps ranging from 4 to 14 depending on what your skin requirement is to adequately carry out these two actions.

Moreover, the real differentiating factor between how Koreans take care of their skin is that they are taught to start early. Anti-ageing products do not appear in their skincare routines after 40 to undo what has already been done before they hit 30. Rather the measures are preventive, meant to start as early as in their 20s. Thorough skincare is somewhat ingrained into their culture. 

Korean beauty is not just a craze, it’s a revolution and it’s here to stay. Now, if someone thinks that they are not high maintenance enough for the clear and dewy skin. Most of us didn’t either. We’ve tried it and are completely sold. It’s just like those food tastings in life that you’re skeptical about and finally ends up becoming your staple.
Just try, you might like it!

If you’re already a fan, great, let us know in the comments below, what you think is the best part about K-Beauty products? And, if you have any specific questions about K-Beauty, write to us on [email protected], happy to help!

To starting to care more,
Team Care & Class


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