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Get to know your skin type

Get to know your skin type

  • 22 Jan 2019

Figuring your skin type can be tricky sometimes. Just after you’ve made up your mind on one after scanning something on the internet, the very next ‘skin type’ guide may leave you feeling vague and confused.

We wanted to be of some help. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below if this post riddled it out for you!

The wider bifurcation is into 5 distinct categories, namely, Normal, Combination, Dry, Sensitive or Oily. Although it's worth remembering, skin type is very different from skin concern. Skin concern is just something that your skin is going through that particular moment. It could be dullness, an acne phase, premature aging, sun-damage, etc. We strongly believe skin concern is overhauled but skin type is nurtured.

Normal: This skin type is the legacy of good genes. Those blessed with normal skin don’t complain of pores, excess sebum, irritation, flakiness, etc. a lot. They experience rare oiliness on the very hot and humid days, that too around the t-zone area, chin or center of the forehead. Their skin may sometimes get dry in the winter months. Stepping out of the shower doesn’t make their skin feel tight and in immediate need of a moisturizer. They’ll also probably reach for any face wash lying in the bathroom because it doesn’t bother their skin that much. These are the tell-tale signs for normal skin.

Normal skin is low maintenance and deserves preservation. The most basic Korean style of cleansing, toning, serum, moisturizer and a dollop of sheet masks (because they’re more than just self-care!) can go a long way in retaining the glow of healthy skin.

Oily: The difference between glowy and shiny skin lies in the hyperactive sebaceous glands. For oily skin typically, large pores exist on the face especially around the nose, forehead and chin. Blackheads and whiteheads may be visible in the oilier areas. Skin feels comfortable and not tight on stepping out of the shower. People with oily skin may deal with acne or are acne prone. Their foundation doesn’t stay on their skin that long and makes them shiny just after a few hours. If these jive with your everyday struggles, you may have oily skin.

The sebaceous glands produce more oil when it feels the need to protect the skin whenever it’s lacking moisture and is dehydrated so the general tendency of washing off the oil to strip the skin further worsens the situation. A non-stripping balancing cleanser and a light weight, water-based serum like the be the skin pore control serum one will keep the pores clean and hydrated will monitor the oil gates.

Combination: One of the most common skin type these days. Combination skin is actually a result of pollution over exposure or the prolonged use of harsh cleansers/exfoliators. While there are many combinations that exists, the most common ones are oily-dry and oily-normal. Typical issue associated with the combination skin types is excess sebum production in the t-zone area, i.e., nose, forehead and chin and dry/flaky cheeks. Appearance of pores around the nose and center of the forehead. Winters are especially dry and flaky for the whole face and summers are marked by surplus oil production. It may feel as if there is just dry skin lying underneath the excess surface oil. Acne may also be a recurrent concern. If this is the case, you may have combination skin.

Even though it may feel that attaining the skin balance you seek is impossible, a right pH balancing cleanser and a good toner that will control oil but till the right point without taking too much away like the be the skin botanical nutrition toner following that with a light hydrating moisturizer may help restore the equilibrium.

Dry: No matter the amount of moisturizer that goes on in the morning, dry skin starts feeling tight just after an hour or two. Winters are just worse. It’s very difficult to achieve a smooth foundation look because cracking and flaking happen all too easily. People with dry skin don’t like to wait between the shower and cream because, that’s also a drying factor. If you concur, you may have dry skin.

Intensely hydrating skin and using a gentle exfoliator to slough off dead skin timely without being harsh is the remedy for dry skin. We recommend the be the skin non-stimulus face polisher that will not leave your skin feeling stripped and still get the job done.

Sensitive: People with sensitive skin are always afraid to try out new products thinking it may break them out. Once something starts working for their skin, they are reluctant to change it. Sensitive skin can be sensitive dry or sensitive oily, more common is the sensitive dry version, which means sensitized flaky skin often accompanied with redness. To them it feels that cleansers are always harsh and end up irritating their skin.

The key is staying away from harsh products containing too many chemicals and fragrances. The skin barrier, the one that protects our skin from the attack of external substance is weakened in this case. Using gentle products and including non-inflammatory ingredients in skincare that can both prevent and protect the skin from acting up like the ones in The Pure Lotus Radiance Brightening Serum, perfect for sensitive skin, could strengthen the barrier and its ability to fight invasions.

If you’re still indecisive, write to us on [email protected] We are always ready to help!


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