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Skincare Routine

What goes where in a Korean skincare routine is determined in a way to allow the product to be maximally utilized and perform its very best. Sometimes the order may vary depending on the presence of specific ingredients but more often there is a prescribed sequence that should be followed. This is a thorough breakdown of all the steps in a daily regimen briefly explaining which step does what:

1. REMOVE MAKEUP AND SUNSCREEN WITH AN OIL/GEL CLEANSER: Both makeup and sunscreen are designed to retain sweat and water or else they would run off quite easily. An oil-based cleanser does an excellent job in eliminating them completely, read about double cleansing and its benefits here.

2.DEEP CLEANSE WITH A FOAM CLEANSER: Remove all dirt and impurities getting trapped in the pores daily with our gentle, sulfate-free foam cleansers. The two steps combined together ensure a true cleanse.

3. TONERS & MISTS: Korean toners are designed to start the hydration process right after the cleansing steps. It softens skin making it more porous to absorb the serum/essences better. It doesn’t vaporize as quickly unlike other toners.

4.SERUMS AND TREATMENT ESSENCES: Treat your skin with our collection of serums and essence. This step mainly caters to your skin needs and delivers the maximum anti-aging, anti-acne or other skin replenishing ingredients boosting the entire routine.

5. MOISTURIZERS: Finally seal all the goodness inside with a moisturizer. This prevents any moisture from escaping and protects the skin surface.

You’ll notice that there’s just one extra cleaning step in the start of the daily routine, rest are almost familiar.


1. EXFOLIATOR: Use 1-2 times a week. Gently shed off the dead skin cells and unclog the pores of any build-up.

2.MASKING: Use atleast once a week or every two week. Helps in pore care and exfoliation and put back the nourishment and prevent clogged pores.

3.SUNSCREEN: Part of the morning routine. Protects skin from sun damage and early aging.