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Beginner’s guide to a skincare routine, And why you need it?

Beginner’s guide to a skincare routine, And why you need it?

  • 18 May 2021

Many of us haven’t had any proper skincare routine in our lives because we don’t know where to begin but still have the desire to achieve skin that is blemish-free, even-toned and glowing. Well you should, why not!

If you relate to this, keep reading.

Glass Skin

Smooth Luminous Glowing Skin

It is a Korean ideal for healthy skin, it means skin that is smooth and luminous almost translucent like a pane of glass – hence glass skin. Is it for everyone? Yes, glass skin really translates to achieving the healthiest state for your skin. You don’t need to use K-beauty products exclusively for Glass Skin. A good place to start with is with a gentle cleanser, serum and SPF protection.

The Importance of a Skincare Routine

Having a skincare routine can be thought of as workout for your skin. Your skin requires it to be properly cleaned every day and fed with enough hydration. Haphazardly, swiping any facewash in your bathroom doesn’t constitute proper cleansing. Our skin needs to be cleansed down to the pores to prevent any build-up of impurities and sebum and that is achieved through Double Cleansing – more on that later.

Second pillar of your daily routine is hydration. Well hydrated skin is balanced in oil production, brighter, free from inflammation and less likely to show any pre-mature signs of aging. Well moisturized skin as opposed to dry, brittle skin can also better withstand the attack of external bacteria and microorganisms.

I’m a low maintenance person, is a skincare routine for me?

A simple 5 step routine for dull skin

Skincare first and makeup second philosophy is like a key concept in K-Beauty. And skincare falls on wide spectrum between the most basic of hygiene to an all-inclusive routine, for example, with a toner than brightens, an essence that targets fine lines and an acne fighting serum - ensuring there’s always going to be a sweet spot for everyone. There’s something in it for each of us – this is the part that makes Kbeauty so attractive and easy to love.

The Basic Korean Skincare Routine

1. Double Cleansing

It starts with a First Cleanser or an Oil-Based Cleanser. It breaks down the oil-based impurities in our skin like sebum, pollutants, makeup, SPF, etc. You must have heard of the scientific term “like attracts like”, the oil-based impurities get drawn out with an oil-based cleanser as they are not water-soluble. However, some residue remains and that’s why we use a second cleanser.

The Second Cleanser is a Water-Based Cleanser to wash away the remaining water-based impurities in the skin and ensure optimal skin health. Even after cleansing twice your skin doesn’t feel stripped instead you’re left feeling soft and hydrated because both cleansers are usually low pH and very gentle on skin.

Double Cleansing is a technique not specific to Kbeauty, you’ll find many dermatologists and estheticians recommend it. For those who wear makeup or have clogged pores, double cleansing can be a life-saver as it completely removes any traces of oil, dirt, pollution and makeup.


Korean toners are hydrating in nature as compared to other western toners that act as astringents and can be drying for skin. Toners prep skin with hydration, balance skin’s pH level and enable better performance of the other products in your routine by helping following products absorb better.

3. Treatment

Serums, Essences or Ampoules are super concentrated treatments that typically provide your routine its anti-aging, brightening or acne fighting benefits. This is the step that usually makes or breaks a routine.

4. Moisturize

Finally the step we all most familiar with, moisturizer! The job of a moisturizer is really to seal all the goodness that went in before this and prevent it from evaporating. Added benefits of using a moisturizer is skin looks plumper and dewy.

A routine when followed consistently can give you big and long-term results! It really doesn’t take a lot of time, around 3-4 mins and it doesn’t feel like a task, you’ll look forward to it – promise!

If you’re ready to start your Kbeauty journey now checkout our well curated routine sets for different skin types. They cover all the essentials as per your skin needs so that you can experience the true potential of Korean beauty products with 5-6 simple steps.

If you need help in figuring your skin type, click here


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