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Iunik Noni Light Oil Serum - 50ml

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A miracle in a bottle! Who doesn't love a product that not only battles ageing but also leaves your skin deeply hydrated and glowing? That's exactly what the iUNIK Noni light Oil Serum has to offer and trust us, we are absolutely smitten. This gentle serum packs a serious punch when it comes to fighting the signs of aging. It's ultra-rich moisturising formula works magic by improving skin elasticity and smoothening out wrinkles. The result? A naturally dewy, youthful complexion that's sure to turn heads!

What's the secret behind iUNIK's Noni Light Oil Serum success? A blend of natural macadamia nuts, rosehips and jojoba seeds offering a nutrient-rich complex that revitalises your skin and restores its health. And if you thought that was amazing, wait until you hear this! This light  oil is formulated to firm up your skin from within while simultaneously hydrating it. Even better its boasts a 42% noni extract that peps up skin elasticity and vitality- Isn't the southeast asian ingredient just awesome? 


- Aims to tackle noticeable signs of aging

-A potent yet gentle serum enriched with nutritional components derived from fruit and vegetable extracts.

-Revives skin health resulting in exceptional luminosity and a youthful radiance 

Ideal for: Suitable for all skin types including dry skin

How to use: Just done with cleaning and toning?Great! Now take this light oil and spread a few drops onto your fingers. Start massaging it gently into your skin making sure you are distributing it evenly all over your face and neck too if you want! For the final touch lightly pat your skin till the serum is fully soaked in. Use a guasha or face roller for enhanced absorbtion.


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