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Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA 30 days Miracle Starter Kit

Some By Mi AHA-BHA-PHA 30 days Miracle Starter Kit
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The opulent 30 days miracle solution 4 step kit meticulously created by Some By MI, guarantees to elegantly address and remedy the most irritated and  troubled skin.

This amazing 4 step skincare solution kit also makes travelling a breeze and will leave your skin feeling exfoliated, smooth and bright.This kit includes a cleansing bar, toner, serum, and cream all working together to keep your skin healthy.

After using the AHA BHA PHA 30 days miracle cleansing bar your skin will feel deeply cleansed, refined and smooth . The AHA BHA PHA 30 days miracle toner delivers gentle exfoliation, removes dead cells and impurities while normalising your skin's turnover period. Enjoy a smooth brightening effect with AHA BHA PHA 30 days serum for irritated skin. Lastly the AHA BHA PHA 30 days cream gently treats pimples and strengthens your skin barrier to protect it from harm. Treat yourself to Some By MI AHA BHA PHA 30 days miracle starter edition and let its magic rejuvenate your skin.

Skin Type: Ideal for those with acne-prone or oily/combo skin this kit is formulated with several exfoliating acids (the AHA BHA PHA in the name ) as well as niacinamide, tea tree and natural plans extracts help to soothe and heal the skin.

Let us fill you in on the star ingredients of this product-

Asiatic acid- Toughens up your skin's protective barrier.

Asiaticoside acid- calms your skin

Madecasic acid- Mends any damage 

Madecasoside acid-Eases inflammation

How to use:
1. Start with a gentle cleansing bar - apply it on to your face and rinse it off with some warm lukewarm wate

2. Next up use our toner by dispensing an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad . Wipe it off gently along with the texture of the skin and let it absorb gently.

3. To give your skin some extra love apply our serum after cleansing and toning. Pump up 3-4 drops and gently massage it onto your face .

4. Finish off your skincare routine by applying luxurious cream onto your skin. Spread it generously until it melts and penetrates deep into your skin then use both palms to promote absorption. Voila ! Gorgeous radiant skin awaits you!



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