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A'PIEU - Raspberry Hair Vinegar

A'PIEU - Raspberry Hair Vinegar
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 Looking for ultimate solution to achieve your dream hair? It's time to pamper your precious locks with the latest must-have treatment-formulated to create a healthy scalp enviornment and give you silky, soft hair that is fully nourished.

Powered by vinegar, this magical elixir gently exfoliates and removes all the excess build-up in the scalp, ensuring that your hair follicles are always free to grow and breathe. Moreover this luxurious treatment boasts of herbal extracts and proteins that works wonders by soothing, nourshing and balancing the ph and oil-moisture levels of your scalp. It works wonders on boosting your hair elasticity which in turn helps to protect it from splits and breakage. Say goodbye to hair loss, irritation and all the hair woes.

Ideal for: This product is highly recommended for its amazing benefits that promote a healthy scalp condition, sebum control, increase hair elasticity and strengthen your locks to combat breakage.

How to use:
After shampoo give your hair a gentle squeeze to get rid of any excess water. Then focus on applying the product to those area that need extra love and care. Take a moment to give yourself a scalp massage as you rinse everything out with lukewarm water. Easy peasy!


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