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Did you know something so basic as this could transform your skin?

Did you know something so basic as this could transform your skin?

  • 22 Jan 2019

Yes, we are certainly talking about the Korean double cleansing routine. It is usually the first step in any Korean skincare routine. And, take our word for it, it holds the power to transform your skin.

First Step: Oil Cleanser. At the end of the day, when you want to take off all the makeup, sunscreen, excess sebum, dust, bacteria, etc., an oil cleanser does a very good job in doing it. The logic lies in the cohesive nature of oil based impurities. It may sound counter intuitive but it’s simple to understand, imagine how oil separates from water in a glass containing both. In line with the same theory oil attracts oil and water attracts water. All the oil-based impurities get attached to the oil magnets in the cleanser while getting detached from the skin surface/pores. It is for the very same reason we use baby oil/or any oil to take off eye-makeup.

Start off without adding water, using dry hands over dry face. Adding water reduces the efficacy of an oil cleanser. After gently massaging for a while when you’ve melted some of that stubborn makeup you can add water to emulsify.

Second step: Foam or your water-based cleanser. Now it’s the turn of the left over impurities(water-based) to get washed away. All of the water soluble dirt and grime get dissolved with the water-based cleanser giving you your true cleanse.

All that said it is important that we are not too harsh and don’t disturb the skin balance at either step. Many skin troubles start either when we do too much or too little at the cleaning step, for example, when using harsh face washes or soaps. The alkaline soap bars and strong cleansers have a pH > 7 that irritates the skin-barrier and may deteriorate it over time. Healthy skin, naturally, has a pH around 5~6 and is slightly acidic.

So, the rule of thumb is to look for an oil-based cleanser that is free or mineral oils and other irritable and comedogenic ingredients and a low pH, sulfate-free water-based cleanser that is gentle enough to cleanse and hydrate at the same time.

Speaking of looking for the perfect double-cleansing products that checks all our boxes is:

The Evolution of the beauty industry

Shangpree S-Energy Cleansing Gel: This one comes from one of the top spas in Korea, takes off every bit of waterproof makeup and everything else gently and creates the perfect environment for the second cleansing step.

The Evolution of the beauty industry

Shangpree S-Energy Facial Mousse Cleanser: A super gentle yet effective, sulfate-free, gel to foam water-based cleanser that nourishes skin while it cleanses.

Serums and moisturizers are great, but they can do only so much for your skin if they have a clogged, dirty canvas to act on. We strongly believe cleaning the skin right can go a long way in maintaining a good skin health. What is your take on this? Please let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

To starting to care more,
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