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About Us

                                                                  The Evolution of the beauty industry

Care & Class is a natural Korean beauty store homespun with love. Our promise is to deliver reliable, clean and uncomplicated beauty to all women. For the beauty wised up lot among you, we just plug gaps between you and your favourite natural Korean brands with zero cross-border taxes and sans price hike.

You will find that all partner brands on our website are nature enthusiasts deriving nature’s gifts and transforming it into fresh and efficacious cosmetics. We, being nature lovers our self, believe beauty and skincare doesn’t need to be a mystery. It should be undisguised and understandable for all.

Why Korean skincare?

The roots of the Korean skin care approach lie in its ancient past. Women used pure, natural and native ingredients to keep their skin healthy and youthful. Many Korean brands have successfully channeled this innate ideology to innovate products that embody a true ‘Nature meets Science’ philosophy. Any deep dive into the history behind a top Korean brand will inevitably reveal an inspiring organisation/individual extremely passionate about the ingredients they source and products they create. The blends and formulations that are premium for other beauty cultures are commonplace in Korean skincare.

The hard-to-please Korean consumer is another pushing force for the industry. Korean women are taught to nurture their skin from a very early age. They believe that hydrated, glowy skin is a sign of good health and confidence. This skin-progressive attitude has led to the emergence of this industry that currently knows no glass ceiling. Every day innovations showcase the use of an entire nature-spawned ingredient list with even organic preservatives.

We believe that their philosophies are completely aligned with the all-natural beauty principles of Indian women. And that's why we're here to bring to you nothing but top-notch skincare and to simplify the language of Korean beauty.

Read more about their philosophies here. If you’re completely new to K-Beauty, we recommend you start with our foundational starter kit, Care for some Glow?, here. And if you have any comments, suggestions or feedback please write us on We love hearing from you!