We like to think of TONY MOLY as a modern day upbeat brand, which understands the need to keep up with the constant change happening around us. If there is something that attracts you to TONY MOLY products right away is their incongruous packaging. The brand motto to the very core is to ditch the urban lifestyle to indulge in the experiences offered by its products. Their I'm REAL face mask line certainly packs all the brand promises in little packets that are shaped like the key ingredient.

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I'm REAL Makgeoli Mask Sheet

One, out of this pack of 11 facial masks certainly stands out for us, its the makgeoli sheet mask. Makgeoli is a traditional alcoholic beverage which is native to South Korea. Along with its numerous health benefits, makgeoli is rich in amino acid that stimulates the enzyme helping recover skin elasticity. Vitamin B2 and B6 promote skin regeneration and whitening. While there are three base solutions that carry the key ingredient- Water type, Micro Emulsion type and Milky-Liquid type, this one is suspended in a Milky solution. It serves best on a day when you want to give your skin a special treatment after a long week.

I'm REAL Seaweed Mask Sheet

This one is suspended in a Micro Emulsion solution. Seaweeds have a natural cleaning with hydrating property. Sheet mask with this for the ultimate spa experience, after all, its seaweeds we're talking about! ;)

These products are free of any kinds of paraben, benzophenone, triethanolamine, talc. and color additives.

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