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Our curation strategy

We wanted to share with you a small piece about the most fun part of our job. Product curation!

Why did we choose the products we chose?

It is known that a bottle is only as good as its ingredients. Our mission is to curate a skincare collection in which every product accomplishes a place in your heart, not because of some gimmick packaging or barely-there ingredients but only for skin benefitting ingredients in effective concentrations and real results. We aim to avoid ingredients like parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances which an ingredient-aware consumer would consciously dodge. We are also mindful that our products contain the maximum value creating components and are free of "filler" elements.

We are always looking for new products to expand our collection, and we have come across thousands of Korean beauty products in the process. But those on our website are the ones that we could not wait to bring to you when we first got to know them. Their ingredient lists may have probably stood out of the crowd or their real reviews may have broken all past records. There must have been a solid reason that got us so excited. 

The products we seek for contain all worry-free and gentle ingredients. Actually, with cosmetics there is no universal scale for measuring the severity of an ingredient on the skin. That which is non-reactive on someone's skin may cause someone else's to act up. The products on our website contain vetted ingredients tested extensively for safety on an array of different skin types, making it suitable even for sensitive skin. For transparency we have an ingredient list tab accompanying every product page that can be accorded with this database for international safety and hazard standards for cosmetics.

We hope that you will love our collection as much as we do, and find the right excuse to pamper yourself with!