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When and how often should you mask?

collection of sheet masks

Is there something like too much of a good thing? Well, you’ll find out.

The purpose that a sheet mask serves in your skincare routine in imparting hydration. It supplies your skin with a bunch of essential nutrients, gives it a ton of moisture, and depending on what objective it was made to fulfil, does the extra dose of exfoliation/firming/oil control, etc. So, the answer is no, if placed correctly, masking daily will only yield great looking skin. The general rule of thumb is that an exfoliating mask should only be used upto 3 times a week, whereas a moisturising/hydrating mask can be used every day. Similarly, a mask with anti-ageing properties may require a “less is more” approach to be followed as opposed to the hydrating versions.

Speaking of masking daily, the Ariul 7 days Mask Set is a perfect collection of sheet masks, with a holistic approach to your masking needs, that will last you through a week, giving you a radiant and healthy-looking skin. Then there are masks like Cremorlab Herb Tea Blemish Minus Mask which has the reputation to be stocked by the dozens among our customers, cause it’s the ultimate soother for exasperated skin.

Sheet masks have become those bedside staples which you can reach out to anytime. Be it an important event, an exhaustive day or a flight journey, never miss the chance to slather your face in those essences while making the most of your “me” time. They’re also a wonderful way to relax your skin/body. These have a psychological effect on you, when you wear a mask it immediately soothes your mind, and the fact that you know its beautifying your skin really helps your mask results. That’s how we see these sheet masks helping us in our daily struggles, but, if you find innovative ways to fit in these masks in your everyday, please do share with us at hello@carenclass.com, we’d love to hear them!

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