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Ingredients in skincare: the lotus

Ingredients in skincare: the lotus

  • 11 Apr 2019

Did you know that lotus can survive a thousand years and even to revive after a long period of dormancy? Some lotus seeds are said to have germinated after resting away for centuries. Such is the vitality and strength of the humble flower, when used as a hero ingredient in skincare it helps fortify skin the same way.

The plant in general is considered sacred in many religions, especially Buddhism for its self-purification abilities inspite of growing in murky waters, and, is also celebrated for being a symbol of love, happiness and compassion.

Jeju islands, a UNESCO world heritage site is popular for its lush ecosystem and volcanic terrain and has a history of natives utilizing the power of nature-grown raw materials on the island since ancient times. Much the same is the story of the cosmeceutical brand 'The Pure Lotus' whose raw material, the lotus leaves, is harvested from a 1000 yr old pond at the Buddhist Beophwasa temple on Jeju island.

The natural extracts from the lotus leaves is the flagship ingredient in their products and is present in generous quantities in their entire collection. Let us try to summarize below the benefits of having lotus leaf extracts in skincare, because, well, there are many:

1. Anti-oxidants: Lotus leaves are naturally overloaded with anti-oxidants which is an essential ingredient in day time skincare because it helps skin fight free radicals and prevent early aging keeping it youthful looking. The founder of the brand asserts that the lotus flower from the temple's pond has a class of its own and the level of antioxidant function in their product is the highest in all lotus species.

2. Hydration: The products sink right into the skin delivering moisture into the layers and bringing a subtle radiance.

3. Vitamins & Minerals: The lotus extracts are value-laden for their vitamins and minerals content. They are rich in iron, Vitamin C, kalium, tanin and calcium apart from its high anti-oxidation effect. White lotus when used in tea has amazing health effects in terms of blood circulation, iron supplement and detox effects.

4. Soothing: It helps skin regain calm with its anti-inflammatory properties helping to soothe and repair damaged epidermis.

Their entire product line contains no toxic ingredients and is formulated without mineral oils, parabens, synthetic dyes and fragrances. They are also suited for all skin types.

The Pure Lotus collection at Care & Class

Follow here to explore 'The Pure Lotus'' products in our collection. If you want to discuss more about the brand or, have any questions feel free to write us on [email protected], we're always happy to answer!

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