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Korean Skincare Glow Kit II

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Glowing skin is a sign of hydrated, healthy skin that is calm, even-toned and clear without blemishes. This basic 4-step Korean skincare routine could help bring you closer to your glowing skin goals because it covers your skin’s fundamental daily needs. It starts with regular and thorough cleansing, antioxidant and brightening care in between and ends with a protective shield against damaging factors like pollution and stress. Ideal for all skin types.

1) Step 1 is The Pure Lotus pH Balancing Cleanser. A gel plus foam cleanser in one, it gently deep cleans removing makeup, sunscreen, sebum and dirt hiding in the pores. Enriched with lotus leaf extracts and eight other herbs this product nourishes while cleansing away.

2) Step 2 is Be the Skin Botanical Nutrition Toner. A toner is a foundation to any skincare routine because it rebalances the skin pH that was disturbed during cleansing. The Botanical Nutrition Toner is suitable for all skin types and helps even out sebum production across the face - combination skin will notice less oil production in the tzone area and more hydration in the cheeks and oily skin will notice an overall balanced oil-water production. It enhances better absorption for the serum and moisturizer in your routine.

3) Step 3 The Lotus Radiance Brightening Serum contains lotus leaf extract and niacinamide that lightens and prevents dark spots and reverses sun damage. The product is enriched with radiance capsules that burst upon contact leaving a clear and glowy complexion.

4) Step 4, finally Be the Skin White Waterful Cream to seal all the moisture in longer and make skin look dewy and moisturized all day. It helps strengthen the skin barrier with ingredients like ceramide. It also includes active components for skin brightening like rice ferment filtrate, green tea and niacinamide.

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