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Mizon Real Vitamin C Ampoule

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Mizon Pure Highly-Enriched Real Vitamin C Ampoule helps skin achieve bright, clean and flawless look. Contains naturally occurring potent Vitamin C at 19% concentration, which is considered to be the most effective concentration for Vitamin C. Formulated with other moisturizing agents derived from fermented corn and orange fruit to balance the effect of strong Vitamin C resulting in skin that is supple, transparent and glowing.

Benefits: Evens out skin tone, mitigates spots and hyperpigmentation, improves undereye circles, improves hydration level, strengthens skin barrier, minimizes pores, improves blackheads and whiteheads

In a clinical test for 22 women aged between 25-44, after 2 weeks of use observed
- Their pores shrank by 51% and reduced in number 33%
- Skin tone brightness increased for all 22 subjects
- Spots and hyperpigmentation reduced in 2 weeks
- Melanin Index of undereye circles reduced by 12 in 2 weeks

Vitamin C can theoretically have many benefits for skin like fortifying, firming, antioxidant but it’s difficult to achieve a stable formula that is easily absorbed: - Mizon Vitamin C Ampoule contains 0% water which corrupts the efficacy of Vitamin C - It’s made from a combination of only 10 optimal brightening ingredients that moisturize skin and improve absorption -Premium L-Ascorbic acid from Scottish corn has small molecules and no chemical making the efficacy and skin penetration capabilities excellent
Care & Class is the exclusive distributor for Mizon in India

How to use:1. Use directly after cleansing onto dry skin to maximize the effect, pure Vitamin C will be absorbed into your skin more effectively. 2. For sensitive skin mix 1-2 drops of ampoule in your moisturizer and apply.

Ingredients List
Individual Components Propanediol, Propylene Carbonate, L-Ascorbic Acid (19%), 2,3-Butanediol, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Arbutin, Orange Peel Oil, Limonene, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Adenosine


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