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Natural Homemade DIYs Vs Natural Beauty Products?

Natural Homemade DIYs Vs Natural Beauty Products?

  • 28 Jan 2019

We, atleast as Indians have had a hoard of homemade DIY tricks up our sleeve right from the childhood. The knowledge has traveled generations from mother to the daughter and so on. But, were there as many innovations happening then as there are today? Has the advancement in the beauty industry left this approach behind the times? We did a bit of research and turns out: this question is a tricky one.

On certain relaxed and lazy mornings, we all have slathered those homemade beauty creations and taken the time to feel good about ourselves. While the mornings quickly turned into afternoons, we saw them work, and patiently waited for the chance to re-indulge when we got the time again.

But, the experts seem to differ. When asked, dermatologists believe that the at home solutions are ineffective and go as far as warning us against the damage some of them can do to our skin. Read more about this here. Perhaps this is true, it would be a good practice to do a quick fact-finding about its effects on the skin before trying out something new. On the other hand, quality skincare products are extensively tested for their safety and the ones that are free of any harsh ingredients can be used even by sensitive skin types and children alike, without experiencing any irritation.

Sometimes the effectiveness that can be obtained from natural products may not be achieved from homemade solutions. For example, Vitamin C, that we all know is good for its brightening and anti-aging benefits cannot be easily delivered to the skin in the form that is stable and effective. So, using tomato juice on the skin may not give the desired results as compared to what a concentrated Vitamin C serum could do.

Honey is a multitasking skincare ingredient

Again, there are ingredients like honey, that work magically on the skin surface. A renowned humectant, it has anti-bacterial properties and can easily substitute for your water-based cleanser. Read about double cleansing here.

So, it comes down to doing your due diligence before going in for a natural, homemade remedy as a long term solution. For all else, you can rely on Care & Class for organic and technologically advanced beauty products straight from Korea :)

To starting to care more,
Team Care & Class


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