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Cos De BAHA- RS Retinol 2.5 serum Jumbo 60 ml

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Introducing Experience youthful and wonderful skin with this remarkable serum. Enriched with a distinctive blend of retinol 2.5%, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and arginine, it works wonder in revealing fresh skin and diminishing the signs of aging, leaving your skin with an enviable glow while restoring its firmness and revitalising it. And the best part? Your face will not only be hydrated and invigorated but also utterly vibrant as this anti-wrinkle serum effortlessly takes effect! Trust us your skin will thank us for this sensational treat.

How to use: For best results use this serum once or twice daily after cleansing/toning your face. Simply take a cotton pad, lightly soak it and apply it all over your face including the eye area (avoiding lash line and eyelids) Do not rinse. If you are heading out in the day, ensure you follow it up with a broad spectrum that's rated SPF 30 or higher.


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