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Dry/Dehydrated Skincare Regimen

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Tightness, rough and uneven texture, flaking, fine lines, dullness are symptoms associated with dry skin. Dry skin lacks in sebum production in addition it could be lacking in moisture too (dehydration). Skin type is genetically determined or can be influenced from weather condition, prolonged use of harsh cleansers or other skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.
This regimen helps build moisture and nourishment into your skin so that it stays hydrated and supple. A gentle exfoliator with gentle, non-abrasive ingredients helps promote skin cell turnover without removing skin’s natural oils. Without an additional layer of dead skin, serums and treatments will be absorbed more easily. All products are gentle enough for sensitive skin and when used together keeps skin naturally radiant.

1) It starts with a double cleanse routine with The Pure Lotus pH Balancing Cleanser. A gel plus foam cleanser in one, it gently deep cleans removing makeup, sunscreen and excess oil stuck in the pores. Enriched with lotus leaf extracts and eight other herbs this product nourishes while cleansing away.

2) Following the double cleansing is the exfoliator. The Be the Skin Non-Stimulus Face Polisher gently sloughs off the dead skin cells and soothingly reveals the healthier and brighter layer underneath. Use 1-2 times a week.

3) Proceed with the Be the Skin Nutrition Power Toner, specially suited for the dryer skin type, it is powered with royal jelly and a bunch of skin-replenishing and skin-restoring ingredients. Moving on, The Lotus Radiance Brightening Serum contains niacinamide that lightens and prevents dark spots and reverses sun damage. The product is enriched with radiance capsules that burst upon contact leaving a clear and glowy complexion.

4) Finally The Pure Lotus Leaf Revitalizing Cream to seal all the moisture in and strengthen the dry-skin barrier. It contains skin rebuilding ingredients that vitalize tired skin and improves skin elasticity. A skin shield cream full of nutrients it absorbs into skin very well without any sticky/oily feeling.

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