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Cos De BAHA Tranexamic Acid 5% Serum with Niacinamide 5% for Face and Neck

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  • Product Code: 809240318492
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This serum is a powerhouse of goodness for your skin. With 5% tranexamic and 5% niacinamide, it's the perfect solution to those looking to fade hyperpigmentation and reduce sensitivity to harmful UV rays. The unique blend of tranexamic acid niacinamide work together to give you brighter, smoother skin. And if you have oily skin don't worry-the green tree extract and niacinamide help maintain the perfect balance of oil and water. With hyaluronic acid your skin will stay hydrated and plump all day long.

How to use: start by cleansing and toning your face then apply a decent amount of serum onto your skin and gently tap your way to a more absorbent experience.


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