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Anti-Aging Essentials

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The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It continuously renews itself, strengthens and regenerates to keep itself healthy. Analogous to other bodily functions, as we age, its ability to perform these actions dwindles and needs help to reinforce its activities. For example, cell turnover, dermatologists recommend exfoliating more frequently with age because the natural process has slowed down. This anti-aging essentials kit has been put together to address the top aging related issues, helping in wrinkle improvement, brightening, smoothing of fine lines and age spots.

1) Mizon Black All-In-One Snail Cream a premium moisturizer formulated with 90% African Black Snail Slime filtrate which is highly concentrated snail mucin, 20 different Plant Extracts, Adenosine, Peptide, and Niacinamide perfect recipe for anti-aging and improving dull skin tone.

2) Mizon Collagen 100 when it comes to skincare collagen is the king. It’s sort of like the pillars that hold up ceilings. Without these pillars, the skin starts to sage. That firm, plump, youthful fullness begins to fade away. That’s why we have included Mizon collagen 100 ampoule, which is formulated with 90% marine collagen that hydrates, nourishes, and makes skin plump.

3) Lindsay Modelling Rubber Mask – Collagen  get added benefits by adding Lindsay Modelling Rubber Mask to your weekly pamper routine. This mask will help to eliminate dead skin cells/impurities, and, clay that together adheres to the skin surface seamlessly so that the mask ingredients are filled deep into the skin layers and help you one step further to maintain a tight and youthful glow on the face.

4) Be the Skin Nutrition Power Serum  a unique blend of timeless herbs that hydrate and moisturize as well as add instant radiance to the skin. Natural ingredients recharge the skin, fight signs of aging caused due to internal and external factors, and protect the skin all day long. Adding this serum to this routine will help your skin bring out the inner glow.

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