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Steps to Glass Skin Routine

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This routine has been specifically put together for those who're starting out with K-beauty. Korean women always strive for glowy, hydrated skin because to them matte skin is equal to dull and dehydrated skin. This skincare regimen built along the same principle has products that will maximally hydrate and brighten your skin. Gentle organic formulas laden with anti-oxidants and other skin benefiting ingredients will lay a healthy foundation for your skin giving you that subtle glow. Ideal for all skin types.

1) Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water a refreshing, soothing antioxidant essence boost enriched with Ginseng water (80%) helps nourish, soothe, firm and plump the skin. At the same time, Niacinamide helps to even out the skin's complexion and texture.

2) Kaine Vita Drop Serum - Revamp your skin routine with Kaine vita drops. Infused with 73% vitamin fruit extracts, 3% niacinamide for brighter skin tone and  triple hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration. Targets dark spots and blemishes while ensuring zero irritation. Glowing skin guaranteed.

3) Mizon Peptide 500- Elevate skincare with Mizon peptide. Packed with 45 % peptide it delivers tighter, firmer skin. Hydrate generously with hyaluronic acid. Lift away signs of ageing, unveil a smooth younger complexion.

4) Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream as luxurious and pampering as it sounds, this facial moisturiser is enriched with nourishing hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine) ingredients like ginseng and rice water to moisturise, brighten and tighten skin. The brightening and smoothing effects of rice water aid in fading dark spots over time.

5) Used in top Korean skin spas, modelling rubber masks are a step-up from regular sheet masks. When applied, the thick layer of rubber fully conforms to the shape of your face, allowing mineral-rich nutrients to be absorbed without the risk of evaporation. Lindsay Rubber Mask – Vitamin delivers an instant radiance to your complexion, soothing irritated skin and force feeding your pores intensive moisture for lasting hydration.

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Korean Beauty Glass Skin Kit, 5-step routine