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Dry/Dehydrated Skincare Kit

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Dry, dehydrated & irritated skin? Reverse them all with this 6-step routine. Carefully curated powerful skincare goodies each infused with well-hydrating and moisturising ingredients. Enjoy clean, nourished & healthy-plump skin like never before!

1) A gentle and soothing cleansing balm is a must-have for dry skin when we are talking about the double cleanse. Beauty of Joseon Radiance Cleansing Balm will be a perfect match for you. This smooth cleansing balm gently melts away makeup, dirt, and SPF without irritating or drying out the skin.

2) A gentle, non-stripping cleanser is a boon for dry skin people, Beauty of Joseon Green Plum Refreshing Cleanser will be our pick. Infused with plum water, mung bean seed extract and nourishing herbal ingredients this multi-tasking water-based cleanser gently exfoliates the skin while providing a deep cleanse. The lightweight jelly texture leaves a moist finish.

3) Dry, damaged skin will drink up the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Essence Water! This refreshing, hydrating essence helps to revitalize skin, restore lost nutrition and smoothen texture. This essence-meets-toner delivers the benefits of the key ingredient 80% ginseng root water from the beauty books of the women of the Joseon dynasty.

4) Mizon Collagen 100 can help decrease the speed of aging by minimizing both dryness and wrinkles. Studies show significantly higher skin elasticity, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Also, a good amount of evidence supports the use of collagen will increase skin hydration and treat dry skin.

5) Next up Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum's, rich, and honey-like texture provides deep hydration to the skin, leaving a dewy finish with no sticky after-feel. Continuous usage of this will help the skin look plumper and brighter.

6) Finally the last step of your routine Be The Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Cream, a no-joke moisturiser to keep your skin dewy and hydrated even on the driest days. Designed for your skin type, this moisturiser creates a barrier that will lock in all the beneficial ingredients you've just applied and address dryness, sensitivity & lack of firmness all without any heaviness.

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