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Throwback to K-Beautycon India 2019

Throwback to K-Beautycon India 2019

  • 24 Oct 2019

Beautycon is a convention for skincare and makeup lovers to discover new favourites, attend masterclasses, shop dozens of beauty brands and meet their favourite digital influencers! And, when it says K-BEAUTY CON it means all of it but fueled to twice the power.

The props at the Bangalore Kbeauty Con by the Care & Class booth

2019 has been a year for K-beauty! All major retailers have declared it as the most coveted and trending category in beauty stores. The love that Korean skincare brands (including ours!) got from the crowd at the Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune Beautycon was inspiring and proved that the 'Hallyu' wave was indeed taking over.

The crowd at the Bangalore Kbeauty Con

The crowd at the Mumbai Kbeauty Con

Clover Wootton doing makeup at KbeautyCon Mumbai

We greatly value the knowledge we gained from celebrity makeup artists and wellness experts we met at the events but the best part was getting to meet and exchanging skin stories with the attendees! From hard-core Korean beauty addicts to those who hadn’t heard about k-beauty earlier, everyone had one thing in common, a passion for skincare rituals. We were super excited to see the warmth with which beauty lovers embraced newer categories like 2-in-1 gel-to-foam cleansers and gommage exfoliators. Everyone seemed to jump at the idea of natural formulas and being able to gain control over persistent skin issues with what we like to call as “clever beauty”.

Fun photos from Kbeautycon India

For those of you who couldn’t attend the event, stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook for continuous updates regarding such occasions where we don’t skimp in spreading the k-beauty glow!


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