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5-Step Normal/Combination Skincare Kit

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This regimen strikes that perfect balance for the normal-oily and dry-oily combination skin types. For combination skin type the oil glands in the nose, forehead and chin area are more active as compared to the cheek which makes the cheek area either dry or normal. Boosting these hyper-active oil glands with balancing, moisturizing agents will keep the excess oil production in check bringing an overall balance for the entire face. A regimen like this is also great for normal skin types with products that deliver adequate levels of hydration and combine together to brighten and protect giving you a radiant and beautiful complexion.

1) It starts with a double cleanse routine with The Pure Lotus pH Balancing Cleanser. A gel plus foam cleanser in one, it gently deep cleans removing makeup, sunscreen and excess oil stuck in the pores. Enriched with lotus leaf extracts and eight other herbs this product nourishes while cleansing away

2) Follow with the Be the Skin Botanical Nutrition Toner. It brings a balance in the uneven oil production throughout the face, hydrates and preps skin to absorb the upcoming steps of your routine better

3) Next step is the Be the Skin White Waterful Serum. Powered with actives like hyaluronic acid & niacinamide along with plant extracts that help the active ingredients penetrate deeper into skin it has excellent brightening properties alongside deep hydration

4) Finally the last step of your routine Be the Skin Purifying White Waterful Cream. The light, comfortable texture of the cream locks the hydration into your skin and ingredients like rice ferment filtrate and licorice help purify skin tone and improve skin’s self-defense mechanism against UV attack

5) An additional step in your morning routine The Pure Lotus Jeju Botanical Sun Cream provides total protection against the UVA & UVB rays with zero stickiness making it feel light, pleasant and non-greasy through the day.

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