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You can have the skin of your dreams - Acne Journey

You can have the skin of your dreams - Acne Journey

  • 06 Apr 2021

If you’re someone who is suffering from acne and thinking that you’ll never make your dream of achieving clear, glowing skin a reality - this post is for you. Big thanks to Avi for agreeing to share her experience. We didn’t want to make this about the products she used because everyone’s skin is different and might need different products, that’s why no products were tagged.

Acne Situation Before Starting KBeauty Routine 

Avi Thongs from Dimapur, Nagaland said she feels "fighting acne is like finding yourself in someone else, until you find the right product for your skin". My skin has improved a lot before I used to have so many skin problems blackheads, pores etc.

Q. Thank you! Really for sharing your journey ❤️ We’re planning to tag you, will that be ok?

Avi - Okay sure, I have no problem at all instead I'll be happy if people see the improvement in me

Acne Improvement
Reduced appearance for deep scars

Q. The power of K-beauty is amazing, isn’t it? Please tell us how’d it go for you?

Avi - Like I said my skin is very sensitive and I had some acne scars but now I can see some's very effective not only my scars... It used to have so many red rashes like and the scars was so it's less visible...really thank you so much my skin used to be reddish always cos of acne problems there was like no glow in my skin ... Now I'm so happy I choose your products

Acne Scars Almost Invisible 

Q. Did you really document your journey throughout? How do you have all these pictures?

Avi - Yeah I have clicked many starting from when I started using it products. That last pic is my recent click.

Skin is healthy free of pimples
Close up Shot of Cheek Area

Q. Wow, This is just amazing!

Avi - I know right?? It's working amazing on my skin...many people who have seen my skin before usually ask me what product I'm using, Then I say "care &class" :)



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