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Product Review: Lindsay Modelling Rubber Masks

Product Review: Lindsay Modelling Rubber Masks

  • 18 Jul 2020

Are you someone who’s always on the lookout for trying new K-beauty products in the hope of finding your latest holy grail? And when you hear rave reviews and the entire K-beauty community unanimously award cult-status to a product it is worth taking notice, isn’t it?

We proudly present to you our newest curation from South Korea, the Lindsay Modelling Masks! These cup-noodle inspired mask packs recorded no. 1 in sales at Olive Young, Sephora’s equivalent in Korea, and no. 1 searched item in the country’s best beauty shopping app. Care & Class is the first company in India to launch this one-of-its-kind beauty treat and we’re so excited to bring it to you.

Lindsay Rubber Masks are bestsellers in Korea's Olive Young 

What really makes them special?

So, what exactly is their claim to fame? In the past rubber masks due to their non-user-friendly nature was best left for the experts. Only exclusive to spas, all attempts to their at-home versions were unsuccessful as they failed to achieve a super easy and convenient solution. When Lindsay came out with their rainbow-hued cup packs that were convenient and enjoyable for at-home care, they immediately took over. This unique formula that results in purified and visibly-rejuvenated skin became a beauty trend in Korea and has been given several beauty innovation awards globally.


Its key ingredient: algae extracted from sea weeds and diatomaceous clay react with water and transform into a soft-gel like texture that coats the face completely. This jelly paste tightly attaches itself to the skin preventing evaporation of the active ingredients while simultaneously locking hydration deeply into skin. The mask eventually dries up to a rubbery finish that stays moist next to the skin, allowing anti-aging ingredients to fully absorb.

The cold nature of the mask is perfect in soothing sensitive skin irritated due to environmental factors and has an instant calming effect. Upon peeling it off the mask draws out waste and dead skin cells from the pores that are overlooked in daily cleansing. This mineral-rich formula adds loads of nourishment leaving behind a tighter and brighter complexion.

Clay and Algae are the main ingredients in the Lindsay Modelling Rubber Mask

How to use?

These pre-dosed cups come equipped with everything you would need for your rubber masking session. A disposable cup, spoon for adding water and spatula. Prior to applying, it’s recommended to go through the basic cleansing and toning so that you can lay the mask on a nice, clean surface. Mixing 7 spoons of water with the powder and combining them together gets the paste to a brownie-batter consistency that is neither too thick nor too runny and perfect for application. Frost your face with the mix evenly all over and slightly thicker on the edges for a satisfactory peel off experience! Leave for 10-15 mins and enjoy the results of a classy at-home facial in the comfort of your home.

How to use illustrative image

Available in 6 different flavours: Charcoal, Collagen, Lavender, Tea-tree, Calendula & Vitamin each mask fulfills a different skincare objective like anti-aging, vitamin care, brightening, etc. So dive right in! Just add water and mix Lindsay’s cup noodle shaped masks for your spa treatment - that clarifies and hydrates, leaving skin extra smooth and soft!


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rachel geller 3 years ago

This article is so nice and well written i have got so much information form this i am so skin conscious so i need better understanding related to face masks this blog will really help me alot thank you!!

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